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Beautiful decor to celebrate a special Anniversary

Virginia Wolff was known to boldly state that

“One cannot think well, love well, sleep  well,  if one has not dined well!”


We agree!  At Noosa Valley Manor that’s one of the many things we make sure you do when you visit.  We have created gorgeous meals for so many guests who simply rave about the food and the value!  Some have said our food/dining experience is as good as any 5 star restaurant and better than most.

Roberto’s vast experience in the restaurant industry and having grown up in an Italian cooking family guarantees the food at the table is superb, unbelievably flavoursome, interesting, fresh and contemporary.  Our service is unique, attentive, personal and a little old fashioned, we like it that way! There’s nothing better than fresh, home cooked seasonal produce served and dressed with an abundance of home grown herbs, beautiful Kampot pepper and Himalayan pink salt for seasoning.

People are amazed by what we produce and often ask us how we do it? The secret ingredient quite simply is love and a whole lot of care factor.  We like to serve tasty simple food to feed the soul and nourish the body so it’s never complicated and it’s great value for money. On top of that, you have a private intimate area for dining uninterrupted by crowds.

We are dedicated and passionate and hope to provide a sensory feast for guests who choose to dine at Noosa Valley Manor.  We always endeavor to provide produce supplied by local growers, organic  and wild crafted sources.

Our menu changes with the seasons and is determined by what is at the markets.  The menu for functions and weddings is more tailored to the event.  Please discuss with us your ideas for food and we can provide a different menu according to the event.

If you would like to organize a candlelit dinner in house we would love to cook for you.  Ideally meals should be booked at least a day in advance.

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An idea of our Evening menu 


 …simple to start

  • Gourmet Meze board w/ chorizo, garlic prawns, homemade roasted peppers, guacomole, hummus, haloumi & other delights w/ crusty bread for 2 people $45 Main $65
  • Classic prawn cocktail w/avocado Mooloolaba prawns & homemade seafood sauce $18
  • Salt and pepper calamari w/lime pepper dipping sauce or homemade tartar  $16
  • Swordfish braccioli stuffed, crumbed & bbq’d w garlic lemon & oregano $20
  • Organic homemade pesto pasta with fresh parmesan & a hint of green chilli $16

…something more substantial

  • BBQ chicken with wasabi butter, sesame spinach salad & oven baked chips  $30
  • Mixed BBQ grill lamb chops, chicken kebab & Italian sausage w/ garden salad &  oven baked potato chips  $30
  • Morrocan organic chicken tagine w preserved lemons & green olives $30
  • Grilled organic chicken caesar salad  with homemade croutons fresh parmesan & amazing dressing $24
  • Porcini mushroom risotto w truffle oil & seared eye fillet $30
  • Salt & pepper crusted fish & oven baked potato chips with homemade tartar sauce $24
  • Steamed Red Emporer w coriander ginger lemon chilli & bok choy with silky mash potoato $34
  • Authentic Italian Spaghetti Marinara in a tomato sauce $26
  • Classic homemade Italian pizzas with a selection of toppings $23

…yummy sweetness & light

  • Red papaya & Italian sorbet $15
  • Exotic Turkish delight syllabub with cointreau & rosewater $15
  • Abbamele pana cotta & candied orange $15

….little bit on the side

  • Garden salad w balsamic dressing
  • Steamed seasonal veges
  • Homemade garlic bread
  • Homemade oven baked potato chips


We can also organise lunches ranging from fresh sandwiches, great healthy wraps or a gorgeous old fashioned picnic hamper full of gourmet goodies to take out. Have a chat with us to arrange a feast!

Price subject to individual orders) If you have any dietary requirements, please send us an e-mail at least 24 hours before your arrival and we will do our best to organise it for you.


High Tea Event

Take the day off for a personal and exquisite private high tea event. (Minimum 4 people).  Truly celebrate life in style with antique tea cups, silver spoons and floral crockery, gorgeous authentic Swiss patisseries  and savoury delights.  Select your High Tea from our extensive range of Planet Organic infusions or black teas, or if you would prefer we serve an incredible Pimms & Peaches for your pleasure.  $38 each.  If you would like to celebrate an occasion, Birthday perhaps, we can arrange for our local Swiss patissiere to create a divine cake for you.

Cooking is   LIKE  love, IT SHOULD BE ENTERED INTO  with  ABANDON  

or not at all”.

Julia Child