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On line shopping

Posted on Jan 2, 2014 by in Noosa Valley Accommodation | 0 comments

Gorgeous things to buy!


Renate & Roberto are both artists.  Renate particularly loves to paint and create things & her art is featured on the walls throughout the home.  You will also enjoy many other works by famous Australian artists.

Other artists work  featured in the B&B include Yvette Swan, Billy Shannon, Suzy Buhle, Trudy Koppen, Dianne Kelly, Tina, James McKay, Margaret Taylor and Renate Bowden.

At times, the art is available to purchase.  Renate creates an annual calendar, post cards, prints and other momentos from the B&B.  These are available to buy,  as are the organic teas, Himalayan salt,  essential oils and diffusers that you see & experience in the home.  They have collected many unique & interesting pieces of furniture over the years, and antique artifacts adorn the property inside and out.  You should find a feast for the senses as you wander around the home.

Their style is eclectic and artistic, full of colour and life.  A testimony to their joy of living life to the full,

travel and expression of self.