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Green Practices

Posted on Jun 27, 2017 by in Noosa Valley Accommodation | 0 comments


We are really proud to be powered by the sun.  Our solar panels are now energising the entire venue and making a difference to the planet. Not only do we have long days of sun but we are blessed with many of them which results in a great deal of clean & renewable energy.   

At Noosa Valley Manor we care heaps about the environment, our impact on the earth and of course practise care and consideration wherever we can. It is important to share these principles in our business practice and we make huge efforts to reduce our waste, compost and regenerate where we can,  use organic and biodegradable and chemical free cleaning products. Our bio septic system recycles and waters parts of our garden and our drinking water is filtered rain water straight from Mother Nature!

Have a look at this special little video of the day we went solar. It was a big move and now we are totally powered by the sun! Enjoy.